Therapeutic activities

Mario Betti holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery and specializes in Psychiatry.

As a systemic relational psychotherapist, he has delved into the study of altered states of consciousness, psychosomatic techniques, and transpersonal psychology.

Since 1996, he has conceived and developed Entomia, a psycho-corporeal discipline for inner growth, which has shown significant efficacy in treating certain psychopathological disorders, particularly phobias.

He is the Head of the Mental Health Service in the Valle del Serchio, within the North West Tuscany Company. He has authored over a hundred scientific publications. His areas of expertise include:

  • Complementary and integrated treatments for psychiatric disorders
  • Alteration of states of consciousness, psychopathological changes, and inner growth
  • Deep relaxation techniques, hypnosis, and mindfulness
  • Psychosomatic treatments
  • Systemic relational approach for couples, families, and groups
  • Use of low-intensity pulsed magnetic fields and ion resonance for mental health
  • Alternative treatments for phobias
  • Entomia techniques for healing and well-being.
mario betti
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