Mario Betti, 
Psychiatrist doctor.

Mario is the Head of the Adult Mental Health Functional Unit of the Valle del Serchio - Lucca (USL Tuscany Northwest Company). He is a psychiatrist and systemic relational psychotherapist.

He is the creator and researcher of the entomic discipline and an expert in Eastern and Western disciplines, including Yoga, Qi Gong, traditional Chinese medicine, meditation techniques, hermetic medicine, mesmerism, and hypnosis

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In the second half of 2022, Mario Betti publishes the book "Entomia. Anime animali e trasformazione del Sé" with Alpes Italia publisher.

Entomia is a new discipline developed over more than 20 years of psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative practice. It draws inspiration from ancient shamanic traditions, reinterpreted in light of the latest psychodynamic and neuroscientific knowledge.

According to the Toltec populations of pre-Columbian America, to activate a process of spiritual transformation, one must focus on the essence of small animals, such as insects.

Entomic practice allows for deep work and resolution of emotional blocks related to fear, shame, aggression, and contamination phobias.

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