Entomia is an innovative methodology for health and well-being, conceived and experimented by the psychiatrist Mario Betti. It guides us to explore the world within and around us, from a perspective that is both ecological and neuro-scientific. It has been developed over more than twenty years of psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative practice.

It draws inspiration from ancient shamanic traditions, reinterpreted in light of the latest psychodynamic and neuroscientific knowledge.

According to the Toltec populations of pre-Columbian America, to activate a process of spiritual transformation, it is necessary to focus on the essence of small animals. What does this mean? Why do invertebrates - insects, spiders, mollusks - provoke so much repulsion and disgust? What lies behind the horror that a harmless cockroach can arouse? Why do humans show themselves to be angry and cruel in exterminating small innocent creatures?

Entomic practice allows for deep work and resolving emotional blocks related to fear, shame, aggressiveness, and contamination phobias. It is based on a process of introspection and psycho-corporeal mimicry: a kind of "mindfulness in motion". It is a prospective approach that aims to promote a new ecological vision of the mind and the cosmos.

This leads to an inner search that scratches the limits of an overly anthropocentric humanism.


Entomia: The Book

The book is divided into 2 parts. In the first part, Entomia is explained in its theoretical, cultural, and methodological aspects.

The second part concerns the practice. Each of the 42 "entomic forms" is examined and illustrated, accompanied by a series of photographs that illustrate the movements of the various forms, as well as a series of 46 audiovisuals, attached to the text via QRCode.

On these websites, you can find the book by Dr. Mario Betti.

Entomia su un palco di teatro

Per la regia di Satyamo Hernandez e la consulenza teorico-scientifica di Mario Betti

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